Research Group




Ed Ivimey-Cook, Postgraduate Student "Maternal effects and ageing in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides"




MSc Project students

Owen Powell (2015) "Spousal indirect genetic effects on human longevity"

Pascale Lubbe (2017) "Genotype by environmental interaction in North American Red Squirrels" (co-supervised with Andrew McAdam, University of Guelph)

Rachel Turner (2017) "Socially derived phenotypic selection and inheritance in Rum red deer" (co-supervised with Craig Walling, University of Edinburgh)


Honours Project students

Michael Jardine (2015) "The effect of larval density on ageing in Nicrophorus vespilloides"

Laura Crichton (2016) "The ageing of fitness constraints in Nicrophorus vespilloides"

Abigail Robinson (2017) "Assessing terminal investment cued by seasonal change and age in burying beetles"

Hilary Cope (2017) "An investigation into the sex-specific intergenerational effects of parental age on juvenile burying beetles" Summer Student Fellowship award recipient


Research Technicians

Ashleigh Whiffin (2014-2015)

Lauren Gerrard (2015)

Ben Whittaker (2015-2016)


Other lab members

Beeke Roehe (2016)  "Sexual selection in a wild population of burying beetles". Summer research project