Edward Ivimey-Cook


I am an EASTBIO BBSRC-funded PhD student focusing on maternal effects and ageing in the burying beetle, supervised by Jacob Moorad. My research interests focus on evolutionary biology and quantitative genetics. More specifically, the effect that the mother’s condition has on the phenotype of her offspring and how this changes with age. The burying beetle makes an ideal study system to investigate these maternal effects, as the organism exhibits elaborate parental care which is shown to decline as a mother senesces.

I completed my evolutionary and behavioural ecology MSc at the University of Exeter in 2014 with Nick Royle (University of Exeter).  Whilst there, I wrote my MSc thesis which involved bi-parental care and microbial competition in the Nicrophorus vespilloides.

Ed earned his PhD in 2018, and he is currently a postdoc in Pat Monaghan's lab at the University of Glasgow.