Research Group

PhD Students (University of Edinburgh)

Kynan Delaney (current) "Plasticity of ageing in burying beetles"

Sanjana Ravindran (current, co-supervised with Dan Nussey) "Understanding the drivers of asynchronous senescence in natural populations"

Edward Ivimey-Cook (2019) "Experimental and comparative analyses of maternal age and senescence".


MSc Students

Cao Siming (2021) - Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Edinburgh

Lilia Galvez (2019) - Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology

Ellen Ham (2019) - Evolutionary Genetics, University of Edinburgh

Rachel Turner (2018) - Evolutionary Genetics, University of Edinburgh - awarded an IEB summer fellowship

Pascale Lubbe (2018) - Evolutionary Genetics, University of Edinburgh

Owen Powell (2015) - Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis, University of Edinburgh


Honours Students (University of Edinburgh)

Calum Donaldson (2022) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Jude Stone (2022) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Kali Wilson (2022) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Sarema Shorr (2021) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Thomas Behrens (2019) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Sian Mountford (2018) - Biological Sciences (Evolutionary Biology)

Abigail Robinson (2017) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Hilary Cope (2017) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)  - awarded an IEB summer fellowship 

Laura Crichton (2016) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Michael Jardine (2015) - Biological Sciences (Zoology)


Honours Students (University of Edinburgh)

Ben Whittaker (2015-16)

Ashleigh Whiffen (2014-15)